Pamir Rally: Books


In June 2018 I accompanied six motorcyclists and their team (two mechanics and a guide) on a rally through the Pamir Mountains. It was more of a challenge and a journey than it was a race. We began in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, drove to Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and then on into the Pamir Mountains proper. We then spent over four days riding through this astonishing mountain range, along the borders of both Afghanistan and China, and into Kyrgyzstan where we ended our journey in Bishkek. We met many delightful people and stayed in some beautiful and welcoming towns. The roads were generally single lane tracks that were rocky and undulating. I hope the photographs and the book itself show something of the remarkable place and journey undertaken.


The Edition

Pamir Rally is an edition of ten books. Each books numbers 158 pages. It begins with a preface and contains notes on the journey together with approximately three hundred and fifty photographs. Each book was hand sewn and bound.

Presented here twenty-six of the seventy-nine spreads from the book:


The Cover

The cover is a varnished pigment print on canvas. Below are a few photographs of the process of varnishing each of the ten covers: