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Photographic Editions


"For many decades the book has been the most influential way of arranging (and usually miniaturizing) photographs, thereby guaranteeing them longevity, if not immortality."

Susan Sontag - On Photography, First Published 1977


Although this statement was written prior to the recent revolutionary changes in the creation and viewing of photographs, the book is, remarkably, still the best way to experience narrative photography.

My projects often involve supplementary text such as prefaces, essays, titling and chapter divisions. The selection and editing of photographs for use either as striking single images or as a narrative is of paramount importance.


  • Photography on-location for clients in London, across the United Kingdom and further afield

  • Processing & Editing at the studio in Surrey - an hour from central London by train

  • Small format and large format print on eleven-ink inkjet printers using archival ink & papers

  • Mounting and varnishing prints using a hot vaccuum press

  • Framing prints with a neighbouring photographer and framer



Over many years I have sought out and built strong relationships with the best photographic and edition production suppliers whom I use for select projects:


  • Large format specialist printers in Brighton and Fulham

  • Black & white darkroom specialist in Hackney

  • Traditional bookbinder in Westminster

  • Book printers in Uckfield

Photography and edition production is undertaken and managed by Cameron Maynard, on occassion assisted on-location, and sometimes in collaboration with other photographers.

I am keen to find interesting and engaging commissions. Please feel free to contact me should my work interest you.

01342 834 803


"Beauty is a conversation between humankind and reality… bringing to it our singular gifts of reflection and creation."

Marilynne Robinson - What Are We Doing Here, 2018