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Natilik is a communications technology services company. It is important for the company that its people are seen as its primary asset. It is ordinarily quite difficult for a ‘business to business’ services company to express itself as a unique proposition to market. One important aspect of this expression is the company culture and team structure.

My project began in 2004 with the ‘Black Book’. This was made for Touchbase, Natilik’s precursor company. This edition of 1000 books was structured in chapters to mirror the company’s own structure and proposition to market. In 2009, I made a ‘White Book’ of portraits to celebrate the new company and new ownership. In 2015 what was ‘Touchbase’ became ‘Natilik’.

Natilik is one of the best technology services companies in the UK. It operates worldwide, with offices in London, New York and Sydney, and is consistently in the top 10 ‘Great Place to Work’ for medium-sized businesses. As of 2019, it ranked 2nd in this league. From 2014, I have made consistent company portraits for the company so that their online presence genuinely reflects the company’s actuality and offer to the market.





‘White Book’


‘Black Book’

High Holborn Office Window, 2004

High Holborn Office Window, 2004