Seeking Psyche: A Work in Progress


This portfolio shall contain around ten photographic plates that I shall use to explore the subject of psyche, or soul, within photography. Ever since seeing Claude's magnificent 'Enchanted Castle' in the National Gallery I have been fascinated with Psyche,  a character depicted in myths and stories such as Lucius Apuleius', 'The Golden Ass' and 'Till We Have Faces', by C. S. Lewis.


Seeking Psyche

At the forefront of my being is a quest to find soul in whatever form it may manifest. I endeavour to explore this through photography and writing. This page shows a little of the work to date I have done on the project.


The Porfolio; A Mock Up

This is still a work in progress. I have been working on it for many years. I am using the skull motif I discovered at Heveningham Hall as I find it a powerful symbol of sacrifice, mortality, and wonder.


Half the World

The photographs themselves take a cue from C. G. Jung in a passage in which he states that 'The image of the world is half the world.' I use two photographic images overlayed and blended to make a new combined image.