Two New Mexico Prints

Here are two prints I have worked on over the past few days. The photos below show them in artificial and natural light. I have printed them ostensibly as tests in order to check the saturation and sharpness of Canson BFK Rives Matte Fine Art Paper with a Hahnemuhle Satin Varnish applied. I am delighted with the result. With the application of varnish the print goes from a soft pastel paper feel, that whilst albeit thick, feels somewhat delicate, to a beautiful, gently bendy, uniform and tactile feel somewhere between an Australian banknote and a sheet of blotting paper. It is a bit of a process and on a larger scale may be tricky but it certainly produces fine results. The prints now have a hardy quality together with a deep saturation which brings you further into the scene represented. These two prints are from a loose project I am undertaking in New Mexico. I am resolved to tighten this up and get down to a detailed and encompassing project there soon.

The two prints are entitled:

Napa Blue, Elm & Maple, Trinidad, New Mexico, April 2011


Fresh Goat Cheese, Elm & Maple, Trinidad, New Mexico, April 2011

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