250 GTO

Towards the end of the year I worked on an idea to make a large sized edition of Ferrari 250 GTO framed prints. I had already made some small prints (about 40cm width) in 2012 with this photograph on Kodak metallic paper. These were then mounted on aluminium and framed in black painted wood. I thought that this photograph had impact and the subject matter was quite remarkable, this Ferrari being one of the most sought after and beautiful cars ever made. Originally, I had worked on the photographic file to produce quite a stark black & white image which focused on the unique form of the car. This was made possible by the wonderful clouds in the sky which were reflected in the body paint. However, I went back to the file and rather liked the original photograph's composition. I had arranged the car within the "frame" of a farm building's door. After some efforts in various stylistic directions I came up with a couple of ways that I thought showed the beauty of the car and a sense of the environment it was in which had produced the photo. I wanted the frame's proportions to focus in on the car so I adopted ratio of length to height of around 2.8 : 1. I then set about creating a mock-up at scale 7:1. I have envisaged the frame's dimensions to be 2.8 metres by 1. Who knows, perhaps one day I will make it! I have yet to decide though the best iteration as I am almost set on going back to the 'original' stark black and white version. And I rather like the white box frame I briefly mocked up in Photoshop shown below which encompasses the original setting and has more of a regular frame proportion. This could make a good smaller edition perhaps. Also shown below is a groovy detail whereby I used a sticker that had been on the photographed barn door and overlaid some information about the car.

Cameron MaynardComment