After Midnight

I love my desk at times like these. Late at night making pictures. In this case I'm working on one hundred portraits taken over a three day period. It is necessary to first work out the method of processing and then apply this to each portrait. This takes around fifteen minutes for each one to get it to a basic point from which I can then work further on each of them over the next couple of days to bring the collection to a unified aesthetic. Around midnight I looked at my surroundings and felt harmonious and so took this picture.


P.S. The open book concerns "...the works of love, not as if all its works were herein enumerated and described, far from it; not as if the particular works herein described were now described once and for all - praise God, that is impossible! For that which in its whole wealth is essentially inexhaustible, is also in its least expression essentially indescribable, because it is essentially present everywhere in its wholeness, and essentially incapable of being described. S.K."




Cameron MaynardComment