Memory Stamp

A bag with the Plaw Hatch Farm logo hangs on the door in my room. I am often drawn to this image. I have a connection with the farm itself. I used to work there as assistant cheesemaker and erstwhile milkman some time ago. It is quite nearby. Its previous farmer and his wife are friends of my sister. They upped sticks some years ago and left for the Pyrenees on a horse and cart. The farm resides in a beautiful landscape near Sharpthorne in East Sussex. Its practice is based on the biodynamic method which is concerned with lunar cycles amongst other things. There is a deep concern for the land in its composition as well as its traditions. When I worked there, some ten years back, there were often social events such as gatherings around the fire at solstice or, on one memorable occasion, a techno party in a ramshackle barn organised by a portuguese colleague who solely wore a vest, a tiny pair of threadbare denim shorts and builders' boots no matter what the time of year. This logo reminds me of such things but I also love its design in a direct and evocationary way. Here are two photographs of it printed: on a hessian bag, and on a milk bottle.


Cameron MaynardComment