It is a rather highfalutin term but I rather like it. I thought I had made it up and was quite pleased with myself but I have just looked on the Wikipedia page for Solarisation and found it there (to describe something slightly different).

What I mean by this term is to describe a process carried out in Photoshop which mimics the technique of solarisation as used in photographic darkrooms. I can't delineate the way I achieved the effects shown below as I forgotten them but it involved about six layers of the same image variously blended and inverted in greyscale. I then overlaid different colours into the greyscale file (converted back to RGB mode).

I have presented below some of the stages involved in getting to the final print.

Stages to Final File

Print Trial

This is a 10 ink pigment print on Canson BFK Rives paper dry mounted to card with a satin varnish.


Final File

The final file ended up being nearly 3 gigabytes in size - which is large indeed. The photograph has great detail and colour rendition. I am delighted with the quality of the print.