Printed for the People

Each year and a half or so I give a photographic presentation for an hour and a half or so to the people who work at Heveningham Hall where I am undertaking a long-term photographic project. As part of this the people working at the country estate receive some prints of their choice chosen from the two hundred or so photographs I present. Last week I dropped off eighty-five prints from this project. It is rather an undertaking collating all the different files and laying them out for print, printing them in rolls and cutting them down to size, then matching the prints once again to the names and placing these in envelopes. I chose to print these on Canson Rag Photographique 210gsm which is a beautiful paper that mercifully doesn't curl. The 310gsm weight does tend to curl. I did have a bit of a shocker though when using my ink stamp. Usually I stamp my prints on the back with details of the print edition. I started out with these too but realised about twenty prints in that the ink was showing through. I usually use a 310gsm paper and this thickness does not allow ink to show through. I had to revert to a pencil signature instead which is a bit of a shame as I am a bit of a stickler for order and documentation when it comes to print runs. I am however very pleased with the print results. It is a particularly satisfying project as the people I give the prints to are very pleased with them and I hope see something of their own work in them.