La Scrivania di Enzo

I have just completed an edition of three 60cm x 42cm prints of 'The Boss' Office' which depict Enzo Ferrari's desk in his office at Maranello. The house in which the desk is situated sits in the centre of Ferrari's racetrack, the Fiorano Circuit. It's a cool place. On the desk is a picture of Gilles Villeneuve, Enzo's favourite driver. There is a model of the 250 GTO together with a wheel centre piece from this most iconic of Ferraris. Enzo's leather paper case sits tantalisingly atop the desk. To the side is a telephone with the numbers of Enzo's closest people on dymo tape stuck to it. Next to this is a small television on which he would watch his cars compete. Here is a picture of the house it is in...


The edition is comprised of three:

  • 60cm x 42cm Canson High Gloss 10 ink Prints
  • Mounted in Silk Board with Wood Inlay
  • Framed in black painted wood with Gilt Edges
Cameron MaynardComment