Seek That which is Above


Sometimes, no matter how much you wander around a subject, you just can't quite get the angle you feel is there. In such scenarios one must "seek that which is above". I was walking around the beautiful walled garden at Heveningham Hall at dusk and I felt that there was a photograph calling out to me. I knew I had to get the crinkle-crankle wall together with the apple orchard maze, and the misty blue hue of the distant landscape with the crescent moon above. So I sought out a ladder. At first I thought I could prop one against the wall. But when I fortuitously found a triangular framed one near the greenhouse I was delighted. It was a beast to carry and place upright but it came aright. It was a rather shaky affair clambering up to the top with my tripod and camera. I had to precariously balance the device on the top of the ladder whilst I crouched below. I realised I had not set the camera exposure or the focus so I reached up twiddled about a bit and hoped for the best. I then reached for the shutter release cable in a manner befitting of a particularly nervous sloth and pressed down with my thumb. This photograph is from this evening:

And the ladder upon which I perched.

Cameron MaynardComment